Surviving Cambodia

Next month, I will be heading over to Cambodia for a 5-days trip and I am very much looking forward to it. Besides learning about Angkor Wat in architectural history, there is also its tie-in with Buddhism and many, many more people raving about their experience in Cambodia. Then, I came across this book:

surviving cambodia

Krantz’s evocative collection of images portrays Cambodia as a place of extremes: children playfully dive into dirty rivers that serve as sewer, food source and bathing place; small boys capture lizards in the killing fields and climb trees in search of fruit — all of them seemingly oblivious to the atrocities that occurred where they play. But the ghostly remains of Pol Pot’s regime live amongst the ancient temples and crumbling architecture that at one time represented a dynamic and vital civilization. Presented in color and monochrome, the book is a raw, visual document of the desperate living conditions of modern-day Cambodia, that seeks to convey the tenacity of its people and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Check out the beautiful and heart-wrentching photographs by Jim Krantz.


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