Where am I spending my 21st Birthday?

London, baby! London! WHoooppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this deserves a thank you speech- thank you mummy, thank you mummy, thank you mummy a zillion times over.

Thank you for believing in my dreams, thank you for giving me the freedom, thank you for throwing huge sums of money just for me and trusting that I will do my best with it. I know that we are not rich, but you are willing to let me go and experience what I want and need to. I know you won’t read this, but mummy, trust me, it won’t be to waste, and I will repay you for all you have sacrifice for me. *handkerchief to my tearing eyes*

Next up, thank you Elaine and family for accommodating me, plus all others that are gonna help me in my trip. I deeply appreciate it. Otherwise, this trip won’t happen.

*Gratitude overflowing* If my emotions could be expressed in anyway, I’ll say it’s a pouring waterfall like the Niagara Falls on a sunny day–forming a everlasting rainbow that induces the warm, fuzzy happiness in our hearts. Thank you once again.

I am excited. Scared. Frantic. Assuring myself. trying to be brave. a little cowardish. Freaked out. Ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Restless. All snowball into one.

I am scared. Cos’ I’m human. and i have second thoughts. What if the trip didn’t turn out as I expected? What if i screw up n waste my mum’s thousands of dollars? What if I use up money that’s important for something else? What if i didn’t plan well enough? What if… I just stop all the what ifs. Cos’ it’s not going anywhere.

Nothing will go as plan. I will try my best. I will make the best out of this trip even if I am going to freeze my poor asses off in the cold cold freezing winter.

Here’s my checklist:

1.Ticket to London- Check. Flying on 28th Dec, transiting in Singapore on British Airways. Snabbed a lost min super savers.

2. Retun Ticket- Check. Back on 22nd Jan.

3. A plan for the duration of the trip-er..sorta? well, I’ve started contacting people, but… IT’s HARD!!! where do I want to go? when? with who? (likely alone) arghgh..

4. Currency?-Some… Pounds?Euros?Dollars? GBP(Denmark)? oh god..what’s my budget? very little. Probably need to beg on the streets.

Name:Shi Ying Ooi

Occupation: Begger

I can so see this happening.Hope they let me past the airport immigration.

5. Packing-few pieces of winter clothing in the luggage? Wait, am I even bringing my luggage or travel backpack? I am so gonna freeze n die.

6. Insurance-checked. phew… at least i have gangrene covered.

7. Vaccination and Medication-Monday.


9. Meeting friends and relatives-they are only free next week! or coming back next week! ugh.

10. UNIBUDS t-shirt-Monday, check on the embroidery and pay up.

11. Shopping for thank you gifts and travel items-not yet…

12. Feeling screwed that there is only 5 days and a half to finish the above and more. –CHECKED

This feelings are so not mine. Travel has its price. But I am going to make the best out of the trip n grow from it.


One Response to “Where am I spending my 21st Birthday?”

  1. Enjoy reading ur blog… Brought me to travel Europe with u… in front of my computer screen.. Hope to see u again! Keep in touch!

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