Postcards from London

View from Tate Modern: St Paul’s Cathedral (The Blue Dome building) and Millennium Bridge over Thames River, London

Tower Bridge, London

Yes, it’s call Tower Bridge, not London Bridge contrary to the popular “London Bridge is falling down...” song.

P/S: when Jo ann pointed out London bridge to me, I saw an ugly ugly fly over for vehicles.ha!

St. James Park Lake

It all seems like a scene out of fairy tales and Enid Blyton stories…

The Big Ben and Parliament Square, the epitome of London’s political power

British Airway’s London Eye

Dear All,

I’m now in England, standing in front of the famed red telephone booths with the  Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the whole parliament square behind me! It’s been a cold day but today is one of those rare days with sunshine! the Brits are obsessed with weather, tube and coffee! Usually grey, wet and cold, it’s not surprising that people easily get depressed here. London’s major transport, the tube (underground trains) are completely insane! It’s super complicated and travelling at peak hours nearly suffocated me to death. It is one of the most metropolitan city in the world, and based on my people-watching observations, you get all kinds of people here-any skin colour, all speaking different languages, tourist, citizens, PRs, to travellers (and most of the time unable to differentiate between them) all just strutting along the streets never giving a damn about any thing; every person is a person with mission.

View from top deck of Double-Decker Bus at Piccadilly Circus Stop

 Understandably, the city is fast-paced, up-tight, extremely congested, polluted and I always find an undescrible “high-and-mighty” air about it. However, on a grey day, I still find  a melancholic beauty; the essence of supremacy tasted just by watching high-powered executives walking past with their black suits on the phone with a British accent, Ladies in their killer heels, one hand with a fag another with a coffee and important business on their mind.

The city is a potpourri of everybody, everything, and every-state-of-being. A little of everything, plus its own rich monarch history and gloriously powerful past(arguably still is) makes it hard for me to succinctly describe it. Did I like it? Yes and No. As with everything-there are great(Art, Architecture and theatres!), okay, not-so-great and down-right sucky issues($$$ and jam-packed tube!!!)

But for now, I’ll just sit back, relax, sip my cup of tea and continue my people watch.

P/S: Miss U all!! did U miss me?

PP/S:A Belated Happy 2008! It’s my 1st post of the year!

Yours truly,

Shi Ying


(p/s: someone complained i have too little photos so here’s more)

View of London City from Tower Bridge overlooking Thames River

Tower of London and open ice-skating rink

British National Gallery and fountain at Trafalgar Square

Me freezing in front of Tower Bridge


One Response to “Postcards from London”

  1. Thanks for sharing these valued London Town thoughts. I’m bookmarking this for future reference, as the points resonated strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
    I am currently staying in the capital City so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for things to do in London, lie around and update my blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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