Pont de Neuf

Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been, and my experience there was incredibly romantic and unforgettable.

I thought of many ways to capture those moments in my post but haven’t come close to producing one.

My dear friend agreed to write a fictional short story, which gives a whiff of taste of Paris’s beautiful night; illustrated by photographs taken while I strolled the city of lights’ night by Siene River.

The story below is purely fictional and any resemblance to real life, could only be, well a coincident. 😉

It made me feel all warm inside, just like how one would feel after taking a warm, relaxing bath; despite it being a still, chilly winter’s night. I recalled those surreal moments, and it felt like it never happened… Funny how the more things seem to have changed, the more they have actually stayed the same.  

It all started with a restless streak of wanting to explore Paris in its full glory of being beautifully lit at night. The air was strangely calm and the city seemed to be imploring me to allow myself to be swept up by euphoria that only Paris could offer. I silently took on the challenge, and decided that tonight; I was ready for an experience that I would never forget. 

I walked by myself, drowning in the dreamy atmosphere of the city of love; barely noticing the echoes of the sounds of my heels against the cobblestone road, bouncing off the stone walls of the surrounding buildings; which under the illumination of the streetlights, looked extraordinarily silent and regal.  


I felt the chilly winter wind against my face, slowly turning my cheeks into a slight flush as my breath was quickened with my pace, as I thought to myself at that moment. Thinking back, it probably wasn’t my pace; rather it was an instinct, an expectation of an oncoming event that I felt deep in my stomach. 

I finally reached the Pont de Neuf of the Seine River. I drew in a quick breath of cold air as my eyes indulged themselves in amazement at the beauty of the Seine River by night. The water was still, yet its surface was lightly quivering; as if it was in anticipation, as if it was reflecting my emotions… 


Mesmerized by the serene play of light between the streetlights and the water, I was caught unaware when he put a hand on my shoulder. I whirled around instantly and wondered who was sharing this beautiful moment and scenery with me. My hair was lightly blowing with the night breeze against my face as I stared into a pair of blue eyes filled with intrigue and mystery. On normal circumstances I would have been wary of this midnight stranger; but that night, all I could manage were three smiles- from my eyes, my lips and my soul.  

Some would claim my behavior was due to the danger of meeting a stranger in a lonely place; some would insist it was his strong built and boyish good looks. However, deep down I knew what it was, it was none other than the magic of Paris, enveloping you while you gently succumb to your deepest yearning.  

We talked; or rather we spoke, to each others’ souls. It felt so right and peaceful, it was as beautiful as the flowers of spring time; and, just as spring flowers fade away, we both knew that this magical night would end. Parting is such sweet sorrow; but somehow, this parting was more sweet than sorrow. His kiss was lingering, as if never wanting the night to end. I gently pulled away so that I could look deep into his eyes, and they said it all.  

As I walked away, I could still feel a slight sensation on my lips, and an image of his evocative eyes searing its mark in my memory. I felt a change within myself, isn’t it odd that no one else can see it? 

-Jo Ann Kok


4 Responses to “Pont de Neuf”

  1. Beautifully written… Is it written by you or Jo Ann? 🙂 (What a nice thing to happen if it’s not a fiction hehehe)

  2. shiying86 Says:

    haha.. Rosie, Jo Ann wrote it based on some inspiration she got 😉
    but that’s how beautiful Paris is..

  3. Hahahaha…very fictional indeed 🙂
    Sounds too good to be true!

  4. But the pictures are really gorgeous!
    Shit! I want my whirlwind romance in Italy!

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