Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Chinese Lunar Year! This year is a rat year, and according to Chinese Feng Shui, It will be a challenging year for the tigers, i.e. me


Here’s a family picture on Chu Xi, the family reunion dinner night before first day of New Year.

Opps… not ready yet!

After many tries… Family potrait  

and more…

Two Monkeys

Just for laughs:

In The Nail Parlour having my nails done, with daniel fast asleep on my laps and Silvia just brought away by her mum to go shopping…

“Your son is so cute..” gushes Philipino lady doing my pedicure

“!!! he’s not my son….” accompanied with a pained smile

Followed by random questions like where’s he from and all.

“His mum was here just awhile ago to take the girl.”


” I’m very young only, you know.”


“I’m not even married yet!!! How can I have kids!!” I blurted out.

The whole shop burst into laughters…

Ah Gong(Grandpa in Hokkien) and Grandchildren

My family potrait

Daddy with Daniel and Silvia

Hope the tradition lives on and may all of you have a prosperous year ahead; for those with your families, may you enjoy the festive season with your love ones; for all: have loads of yummy food, a pocket full of ang paos(red packets), laughters, smiles and love. May the year ahead bring peace, happiness and fulfillment to whatever you are doing, wherever you are, with whoever you wish! Cheers!


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