My cute cousins

Part of my travel to Europe was to see my two cute little cousins which I miss dearly, since I left for Australia.

After a week in London, I head over to Denmark to see my aunt and her family.

Meet Silvia and Daniel

I love my cousins. I just have a soft spot for them. I will forever remember Daniel’s face when he slept on my laps when I was having a pedicure(mind u it was like a 2 hour long one). They are just sweet, lovely and innocent.

I love them…

when they stick to me like a glue.

They chat with me and tell me stories about anything, everything.

Kids never lies and they speak right from their heart. Their laughters are like loud and clear making me smile along at their pure innocence. Sometimes, I love being around kids than adults; life is uncomplicated. No lies, no gossip, no nonsense. It reminds me of simply, just living the moment. 

I missed the times when… 


They made sure I have the best when I stayed with them.

They fought to hold my hands when we strolled on Copenhagen streets.


Daniel insisted I play with him everynight before bed.


Silvia brings back things that she made in school as gifts for me.


We sit in the living room watching TV and eating dinner.


They calling me ‘Jie Jie'(sounds more like chie chie) in a cute accent.


Asking them to teach me Danish and then letting them laugh at the way I speak.

A candid shot taken by Silvia

Thank you Uncle Las, Aunt Kim, Silvia and Daniel. For a luxurious stay in Denmark and comfy PJ nights with the family =)


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