10 years of friendship

I never imagine that it would happen, especially only at the age of 21. But it did. and I’m glad.


Birthday gift: Crumpler laptop cover and my birthday card

Best friends always remember so well

all the things they did together

all the mostakes they made

all the fun they had.

Best Friends always remeber

how their friendship

was such a stabalizing force

during confusing times in their lives

Best friends may have different lifestyles

live in different places

and interact with different people

but no matter jow much their lives change

their freidnship remains the same

I know tha throughout my life

wherever I am

I will always remember so well

and cherish our friendship

as one of the best

I have ever known.

-Susan Polis Schutz-

That’s what the card says, and I must say the same to you as well.

Thank you, Ee Ling…for everything.


One Response to “10 years of friendship”

  1. You’re welcome!:)

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