CNY gathering

It’s a tradition for this CHS group of friends to meet up during CNY for a little gathering. We have all changed, choice of studies, country we’re in, relationships, new friends.

But as I told my ‘god brother’ (cos’ we’re the rare ones with the surname Ooi), no matter, how we change, it’s the old comfortability factor that will bind us all together. We don’t judge, we don’t care what you do now; what we do is we care for one another, and hope the best for one another. If we were to meet each other at this day and age as new friends, we won’t necessarily get along, but because we got together during those youthful times, there are no walls of barier, just sweet memories of the times spent laughing, crying and teasing each other. When we meet again, we try to relive those dreams and simple happiness. Some things change, but as for now, ours won’t.

The whole Gang-bang having a CNY lunch

Lou Yee Sang: I remembered Chai Yong had many wishes for us, well, hopefully they’ll all come true =)

From left: me, Sook Yee, Sisters, Chai Yee and Chai Yong

Cheers to our friendship and future


Posing in Pavillion. I think we became crowd attraction. Next time, probably we should carry some lion heads and we’ll be collecting some Ang Paos.

From left:Chiau Hui, Wait Theng, Zhi Yoong, Xiang Hao and Boon Beng.

Bachelors on the market(the 3 to the right): Any interested parties please contact me, and I’ll gladly be ‘Mei ren’. Remember to prepare Ang pao ya? If you need more information than my photos, I’ll gladly provide them. Let me reassure you, they are decent, gentlemanly and of course a bit shy 😉 That’s why they need a bit of my advertisement.

Chai Yong and Chiau Hui: Gosh, ain’t they lovely? they need to frame up this picture

My Sista’: my partner in crime in form 3-skipping class, making so much noise and she was the class monitor. tsk!tsk!

Boon Peng and me. I got very bored of mediocre posings.

Chums for life: me, Sook Yee and Chai Yong

One thing that never change and I absolutely dread? GUYS! Can we NOT lepak(lounge) at every corner, in front of every shop?

Not only do we create human traffic, some people/store might soon sue us for stalking. *rolls eyes*

“What are you still looking at??? Move along!!! JEEZ!” Me trodding along, defeated…


3 Responses to “CNY gathering”

  1. I like your gold bangle!Where did u get it?

  2. -___-” of all things to ask… it’s from teddy tales..

  3. The first paragraph is oh-so-true! You might want to change the word “gng bang” though. It has some interesting connotations there. :p

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