Happy Birthday God Brother!

It’s 1:52am in Sydney now. so technically it’s 11pm in Malaysia.

This post is a 22nd birthday dedication to Yinn Khurn, my dear god brother. Here’s our early birthday party at his place right before I left for Sydney.

Honestly, I am too lazy and busy for a new post as I just got back to Sydney yesterday. However, I think you deserve a birthday shout out.

Yup, that’s the birthday boy

His two favorite woman in the world: Mum and girlfriend

Family cat fights


Ain’t he lucky?


Yinn Khurn,

Happy 22nd Birthday,

Good luck on your exams,

and have the time of your life in Jefferson University.

Come whatever may, I’m sure you’ll handle it with confidence and care.

May you be blessed with wisdom and courage to accompany ur journey.

Wishing you all the best, and it was great having a chance to catch up again. I’m proud to be your god-sister, and certainly cherish our ‘family bond’.

From Left:(Top)Sook Yee, Chai Ying, Zee Hui, Sin Li, me;(bottom)Chiau Huei, Yinn Khurn and Peng


Certainly could not forget Ee Ling as well, who had to leave early!(Go girl! ur working class now!)

Always remember this group of friends, for better or worse, for laughters and tears or just for nothing.

Take care, and probably the next time we meet, U’ll be Dr. Ooi =P

Oh! and as I had emphasized: U better invite me to ur wedding dinner!!! I am just waiting for it to happen. 

Lotsa Love,

Your god-sis


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday God Brother!”

  1. Haha so lucky this yk :p .

  2. Haha he looks so cute in the 3rd last pic!
    and gosh he and zee hui are looking more and more alike, the smile esp.
    Wish I stayed longer :p

  3. The mom looks like giving him a bite! lolz..
    It was really a funny scene though..haha!

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