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Major Hangover

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…from participating in an alcohol testing research.

It’s a result of wanting fast cash, in the meantime a downward dash in my consciousness.

Its a massive headache. Feel like puking. And why in a world do dumbass want to get themselves drunk?

oh, and I smell of alcohol.

GREAT, just great.

P/S: Had to pee on a stick to see if I’m pregnant. Amusing-



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1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.
2. light, familiar talk or writing.

Reference from

Now that we have established the fact that gossiping means a conversation between two people or more without the subject being at present, do you gossip?


This makes gossip sound terribly wrong, unethical and something that is of woman’s pastime. Take a close look, and you will realise, that everyone gossips.

Good stuff, bad stuff, interesting stuff, boring stuff, every little thing, and every other thing. It ranges from Hollywood latest scandal to that friend’s friend who did something, somewhere.


Gossip emoticon 

Most of the time, the word ‘gossip’ is merely replaced by ‘networking’, ‘socialising’, ‘keeping update’ etc.

Reading Madison Magazine’s April issue on “Is it OK to Gossip?” strikes a chord in a phase in my life as well as noticing this phenomenal trend that dates as old as human existance (or rather, when language has been established).

Gossip can be destructive, however, it can also fuel a career and have positive impacts on a person’s life, regardless of whether it’s a fact or lie.


That’s what we say

Gossip is a major communication tool. Journalism almost survive on gossiping. And base on an amateur level of ‘gossipism’, it  roots from a few things. As a friend nicely puts it: It stems from insecurities. Madison calls it “To see where we stand.”, basically, they all mean the same thing: Comparisons. We need to know what are others doing, when, where and how, to reaffirm our position as leading a normal/abnormal, boring/exciting life. That’s why those that don’t give a damn about others’ life, usually live more carefree, plus being the source of gossip as well.

“Gossip connects, amuses and reaffirms our sense of humanity.” To prove this point, imagine going to a social event, when people finish talking about your life, and starts asking about “What is so-an-so doing?” or “Do you have any interesting stories?” and all you do is shake your head or say ‘Fine, thank you.” It would literally be the end of your social life. And yet at times, we are stabbed with guilt when we feel like it’s wrong ‘bithcing’ about the other person. To a certain, extent, a lot of people have been flamed by the gossip demons. At least, I have. When you do, you wonder WHY ME? Don’t people have a life? And I am no Paris Hilton, go pick on someone more famous! And at times, when someone is bitching behind your backs, most likely, you’ll get hurt.


Do we flock together?

Of course, gossiping has provided some humour, laughter and fill-in-the blanks for me and my friends. Sometimes, it’s even known as a pastime. But i rather come clean with it then lie that I don’t. And this also forms the fact that gossip forms groups and alliances. It’s a social tool, and when you are kept within the loop, you feel part of something bigger than yourself. This sometimes, spirals into the whole popularity contest.

But certainly, talking good about somebody else in the absent of him/her, is gossiping as well. Just to put the issue in perspective. But because the work itself is associated so much with jealousy, hatred and lies that it is often spins into a reality of bitchy girls/guys, with no-life and wanting to put people down. Before pointing fingers at ‘gossipers’, dig into your conscience, and we’ll realise that “Hey, I’m just afraid of getting a jab at my softest spot.”

Gossip Girl the TV series

And so does every other human being. To me, it’s hard to draw the line on when it is right or wrong to gossip. In fact, it’s merely human nature. It is just more apparent in competitive situations, where one needs to reaffirms their position on higher grounds. So the lesson here is not so much “Stop bitchin’ bout others.”, but to realise why we do it, and whether it helps or worsens our well-being. Putting someone down to make us look better and greater seems like a good plan for now, but the confidence boosting essence loses its power once you hurt another person or feel guilty about it. Words like, “He’s so stupid, he should not even exist.” deserve a thought: If there’s no dumb people around, than, probably, you won’t be the smart one. That’s why that comment itself has put you at the bottom of the ladder. On other circumstances, if its the inferiority complex at work, work on your confidence, not praising others to put yourself down.


Its easy to say it, but its all just so ingrained into our lives that, even I don’t realise when or why I am doing it. Writing this, just reminds me, that like all others I have probably hurt, insulted others and myself. Right/Wrong is for myself and others to judge.

So gossip or not to gossip? Still entirely up to you. After reading this, you can go ahead and bitch about it. Cos’ I’ll be glad that the Gossip post, gotten some gossip.

Am I Busy or Productive?

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“How are you lately?”


Simple common answer I always give, and how about you?

However, here’s what I learned:

These days everyone is busy. We’re busy with work commitments, family commitments, community commitments and study commitments just to name a few. We all seem to start each day with a long and demanding ‘To Do’ list.

The big question is – Are the items on your ‘To Do’ list leading you towards achieving your most important goals?

Being truly productive does not involve simply getting a lot of tasks done. It involves identifying and completing the specific tasks that will lead you where you really want to go.

A great question to ask yourself at the end of each day is:

“Am I a step closer to achieving my goals than I was this morning?”

By Anthony Fernando, for more see

In other words, Busy does not equal to Productivity. However, busy bees like myself, like to keep ourselves busy in order to prove that we have been utilising time well. A very bad habit, almost as bad as smoking, in my opinion, cos’ it’s addictive. It sums up quotes like: Don’t work hard, work smart etc. It’s easy pointing this out, but most of the time, we fail to see that we are working too much or rather wasting time working, if that make sense.

When we are busy, tired and exhausted. We suffer. We complain. We don’t enjoy life.

Sometimes, when we are free, we think that we are wasting time cos’ we’re busy. Resting on our laurels is a big boo boo. Doing nothing means procrastinating. Sleeping means being a lazy bum bum. These are just destructive thinking habits, cos’ if sleeping now is going to make you run a longer journey; then push the work aside. That’s why when we are free we worry as well, simply because we are free. Sounds ironic but this happens to me all the time. The world seems to develop and spin so fast that I feel the need to get my head around it before I’m left of it: Hate being a dinasour.

In short, busy, we worry; not busy, worry even more. Oh boy, this is never going to end.

So, when my bed calls for me. I will answer it. I hope you do to.

Well, at least this post would be my most productive thing I’ve done for the day =)

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Ever felt inferior when you met someone/many others who are significantly better than you? better at studying; at time management; at singing; at socialising; at sports; at cooking; at hooking up; way better looking; more talented; funnier; heck, probably a roll ball of all the above and even more, like maybe give any adjective and just add -ier or the word better/greater. In short, it makes us feel like a loser. And if the loserish pang is there most of the time, the disease is simply known as low-self esteem plus low confidence.

Although the above might hit many of us, I don’t think many a times, we seldom identify ourselves as people with little confidence.


On the other end of the spectrum, we might just meet someone, and just grew a bit more arrogant, show-off or complacent. Not that we are such people, most of the time, we just claim that “Hey! I still speak to that person very nicely!” That is very true, but just that this time around, the situation is not much different from before, although your ‘greatness’ or ‘talent’ was not boldly displayed to the public; you are maybe just the other confident or ‘better’ person on the other side.

So, am I trying to point out who’s right and who’s wrong? Who’s better and who’s not? Absolutely no one.

We swing from one side to the other, time to time, at times remaining nuetral, but once again it could just spiral into a vicious little cycle.

If you think you have low-esteem, a few motivational camps or books can be your cure; while, if you are on the arrogant side, learn to be humble and learn to look at the good sides of other people as well, cos’ no one is completely absolutely, greater than another. We are all humans, anyway.


However, that is not the solution. Most of the time, we are a little of both. As with most ‘mental diseases’, we will never try to cure it, till we need to see a psychiatrist.

Dig a bit deeper into the root of the problem, and you will realise this whole who’s better issue, is merely a comparative nature/behaviour of grounds that we protect or care about deeply, consciously or subconsciously. It’s something like when an ugly beast starts treading onto your beautiful rose garden that you feel that it does not ‘fit’ to be in there, simply because it’s too ugly and it will ruin your flowers(not that you know, as the beast may turn out to be a kind-hearted 1-st class gardener); Or just when you feel like shriveling in your place into a tiny ant and crawl away silently cos’ you feel unfit to stand where you are.

All the above, simply stem from a simple insecurity. We compare, because we are insecure. We put ourself on a higher pedestal when we seem to be better, we fall down the steps when we are with so-called better people. At this point, you should realise how over-rated this better word is. Who’s to judge anyway? It’s that white haired guy, called Judgement in that head of yours and mine.

Don’t like a Judiciary system living in your head? Want more freedom and happiness? Simply, be satisfied with what we have, what we are and how we got by to this point. Sound too simple to be true? Well, the best solution are the simplest one.

P/s:If that Judge says that this is just a stupid person’s blog and that you are wiser than me, and don’t listen to me, then, you are wrong. Cos’ I’m better. Oops… did I just commit my own crime?

O-week at UNSW

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O-week is on.



Orientation at such a large scale are organised by students, for students. The great thing is that anyone can choose to join or not join, and to what extend you want your involvement to be, is completely your choice. Such freedom exercise freewills, and thus, no torturous or excruciating pain that one did not call for. And not to forget: loads of freebies and fun! Meeting people and just chill before uni starts. There is probably way more things happening in any point of time than my camera could ever capture, and so, the presentation of O-week on this post are only an individual’s point of view. There are parties, dancings, free food markets classes etc. etc.happening. Just that I have only 1 body, 1 mind and limited amount of energy.

UNSW Main Walkway and the stalls

4 hot guys and girl 😉

Optus’s stall

More stalls



Taekwondo Demo: Amanda in action! Loved her demonstration of a small skit on self defence


Girl power!

The coolest shot

Free Candy Floss!

I helped out at a few stalls, hang around and muck around a lot more.

CircusSoc performance

Khai Yi working on Unibuds’ stall

Our ‘neighbour’ stall: Kate from Russia for 85Boards Society; Background is MSO’s(Malaysian Student Organisation) stall 

Dinesh and me

Twin posers: Dinesh and Dominic

Thoughtful Foods: Food Co-op on campus; left: Laurace and friend.

The commercial stalls

That’s it from the paparazzi of o-week 😉 Hope you all have fun! Do come down and help out in the stalls!

Stuck in Lift

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It was a historical moment when Jo and I got stuck in my apartment’s lift for 45 mins.

The lift has the temperament of breaking down very, very often, however, I never got the novelty to be inside of it, only some of my friends had.

No, I didn’t freak out, but I was dead tired.

How to entertain yourself when you get stuck in a lift:

1.Give your friend a massage.

2. Have random conversations:

“Hey, too bad, I’m not a stranger, otherwise it’ll be exciting for u to be lock up together for so long.”

“I’m not so sure bout that.”

30 minutes later…

It looks more depressing than it actually is.

“Well, I think it’s a good thing I’m not with a stranger, otherwise, I don’t think conversations last that long…”

“Well, if they do, that u guys are destined to be together.”

“Yea, and after this event follows a few dates and then get together.”

“And imagine if you guys happen to get married: That fateful day that the lift was meant to stop and let us meet!”

“This conversation is completely going no where.”


“Are you claustrophobic?”

“No, I’m alright.”

20 mins later…

“Damn, I don’t dare to drink now, in case I want to pee.”

“C’mon, it’s just a bit of water; we’ll be out by then.”

“Well, in such confined space it makes me feel like I need to pee, so I need toilet!”

“Oh please, the lift is not that small! See: if we both need to sleep over tonight, at least there is enough room for both of us to lie down!”

“… … I’m not claustrophobic…”

*lift makes some sound*


“Luckily we’re only on 2nd floor.”

“Yea, and it died on us when my house is only one floor above it!”


Phone calls:

“Hey, sorry we’ll be late for dinner.”


“Cos’ we got stuck in the lift”



*dial another call*


“Will we die here?”

*burst out in laughter* ” No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, if you are in those situations where you think you may most probably die, but only have time to call one person, who will you call?”

“ mum?”

“Yea,’ll call boyfriend. You just did.”

“Well, it depends on situation, I am not dying now. Who will you call?”

“Actually, if you are not here now, I’ll call you to leave a dying message to my family n friends, since you need less explaination, as you know who they are. Calling my mum will freak her out that I dunno if ‘I love you’ will get through. Plus, international call takes longer time.”

“Yea, I think same for me: you can speak to my boyfriend, mum, sister on my behalf.”

“Yea, provided we don’t get stuck together again.”


Lift comes alive miraculously, even though I did not see/hear anyone fixing it.


Life’s good

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-but just for now

Love lounging on the Physics lawn doing nothing-bludger that’s me.

O-week coming right up!