New Vocab

Welcome to Jo-Din-Ying Dictionary. We speak a slightly different language which still consist of English words. Why? I don’t know, maybe we are freaks, or maybe we just don’t want people to break our threesome-codes.

But then again, I have just decided to reveal them…sorry folks!

The most recent addition:

1.  Lunner(pronounced as La-nne in an indian accent):

A meal taken between lunch and dinner time. Word coming from Lunch + Dinner. Similar to Brunch. There is no intention of it sounding very much like a certain punjabi word. Any similiarities was only, well, coincidental. 😉

Having Lunner at Barker Unit 6 with Unit 9 household. Photographer: Dominic

From left, Maya, Dinesh, me, Tom, Jo, Diana Missing:Dominic

2.  Ibis and Crow:



Major, major crisis. Origin of word-what would happen if an Ibis cross bred with a crow? *shock* disastrous crisis. Precisely my point.

More to come in the future.


One Response to “New Vocab”

  1. shiying!!!
    cyndi here.
    that’s Maya!
    omgosh. tell her Cyndi says hi k. 🙂

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