O-week at UNSW

O-week is on.



Orientation at such a large scale are organised by students, for students. The great thing is that anyone can choose to join or not join, and to what extend you want your involvement to be, is completely your choice. Such freedom exercise freewills, and thus, no torturous or excruciating pain that one did not call for. And not to forget: loads of freebies and fun! Meeting people and just chill before uni starts. There is probably way more things happening in any point of time than my camera could ever capture, and so, the presentation of O-week on this post are only an individual’s point of view. There are parties, dancings, free food markets classes etc. etc.happening. Just that I have only 1 body, 1 mind and limited amount of energy.

UNSW Main Walkway and the stalls

4 hot guys and girl 😉

Optus’s stall

More stalls



Taekwondo Demo: Amanda in action! Loved her demonstration of a small skit on self defence


Girl power!

The coolest shot

Free Candy Floss!

I helped out at a few stalls, hang around and muck around a lot more.

CircusSoc performance

Khai Yi working on Unibuds’ stall

Our ‘neighbour’ stall: Kate from Russia for 85Boards Society; Background is MSO’s(Malaysian Student Organisation) stall 

Dinesh and me

Twin posers: Dinesh and Dominic

Thoughtful Foods: Food Co-op on campus; left: Laurace and friend.

The commercial stalls

That’s it from the paparazzi of o-week 😉 Hope you all have fun! Do come down and help out in the stalls!


2 Responses to “O-week at UNSW”

  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~… wei… i must collect fee from u for taking my pic de ler… hehehehe…
    nice post! love ur blog! hehehe..
    especially the archi thingy.. guess i should hav b a civil eng instead.. hehehe…
    miss civil~~ egh~~ =P

  2. shiying86 Says:

    thx ky! you can get all my pictures just by clicking on the pictures and follow the link, it’s on my photobucket webpage. Head over there, and download!

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