It’s all up in my head

These are stuff that run through my head with design. 

Housemates asked,”How do most people get inspiration? How do people design?” 

Replies,”Its a process, you can get it from anywhere, anything, anyhow. Just how, where, what you want to see.”

“It’s almost like me asking you: why did you eat that for breakfast?”

“Cause I like it?”

“Yea, but why?- It may stem from childhood(memory), taste(senses), routine(rituals) or anything you draw ‘inspiration’ from.”

“Gosh, you guys think so much!”

“That’s why designers have a stick up their arse most of the time. They think no one understands them-individualistic. But seriously, who analyses breakfast, anyway?”

Oh, wait. I think I just did.


Where does everything exist? Where does it begin? 

I say: All up in my head; some call it a pea-sized brain, others said it’s the mind.

Flowering thoughts, flowing senses, constant skecthes…

So near, yet so far. Reachable, but not yet there.

A process, a journey: struggling to transform floating clouds into words, ideas and forms.

Beautiful, but incomplete.


Intangible ideas morphed to evoke senses:to touch; feel; experience.

But before it becomes tangible to the senses-it remains puddles of mud with a few budding/sinking lotus trying to emerge.

Expression of thoughts. Communication. Isn’t everything in life a problem solving process anyway? 

All pictures taken with Camera Phone Nokia N73 at Centennial Park.


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