Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop 2008
The Search Within: Metta Meditation

Speaker      : Bhante Sujato
Date           : 12th of April, Saturday
Time          : 10am-1pm
Venue         : To be confirmed (UNSW)
It took me sometime to decide whether or not to publish this on my blog. I never exactly tell people what I do on campus and why. But I am passionate about what I do in Unibuds, the Buddhist Society of UNSW and this is an up-coming events I am organising. 
Meditation is so popular now, it has became a trend and a popular culture. People are curious, suspicious, enthusiastic and some, fearful of it. There can be a whole lot of talk and analysing to go about what it is.
But this is all I can say:
Meditation is about experiencing every single moment. 
Masters/Teachers can teach you about it.
Books can guide you.
Internet tells you everything you hope to know by googling the right questions.
But practicing is the only way to reach deep within, and find out what’s it all about.

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