What do you do…

when someone uses your work?

I’m not talking about plagiarism, that’s clearly almost a crime that may cause you to get expelled.

But I’m talking about things that can be almost be universal, to use a simile: Someone uses that same photo frame that you and your friends spent sometime making(let’s just say it could be duplicated) and not exactly that picture inside the frame. The competition would be judge on the picture, but of course the frame plays a part of framing and bringing out the best of the work. Don’t ask how did they ‘steal’ the frame, technology is so good these days let’s just say it could be duplicated with machines by just popping it into one. Kinda like cloning.

So your frame has been ‘stolen’. And the person distributes it. And it has no copyrights or name, so you cant exactly sue or convict them. He’s distributing it like it’s is work.

You tell yourself, I have kindness, its ok, I’ll share; but really, its that true? Do you just give without asking, when a group effort was clearly disregarded?

The bitchy queen says,”NO! Get it back! its hard work! Thief did not even thank or recognise the effort!”

but than again, how do you get it back? Mass retracting would mean that YOU are STINGY.

So, shrug and, “Nah, just my luck?”, while swallowing that ball of dissatisfaction.



One Response to “What do you do…”

  1. Hmmm, I have a feeling that is actualy partially a plagiarism. The thing with arts (AFAIK) is that it is easy to steal ideas and claim it to be inspiration..

    But anyhow, in your case, I guess if i’m in your shoes and if i know the person well, I will ask him: why do u use thing that similar to mine?
    If i dont know the person well then…., I probably still ask the same Q 🙂

    When the teacher starts to question the origion of the frame, and you’re beautifully know anything of the reason to use that frame, then, dont worry! Explain it to the teacher, let the teacher judge :):) ( bu hopefully s/he is not bias in the 1st place:D )

    All the best ms. ooi~!

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