In between

What’s the relationship you have

With everything in between?

Do you feel what you touch?

Do you see what lies in front of you?

Do you taste the drops of water? falling on your lips

or did you put something in between?


Was it the fog that blinded me?

or did I let desire fool me?

denying the truth because of dishonesty,

to oneself it seems like the master of trickery;

but really, I put all those thinking in between.

Allowing the brain to beat while the heart thinks,

Clearly doing what’s opposite.


The fear that stunted each move,

The arrogance disguised as confidence,

The pessimism hid the chances,

Deluded enough to shut the doors,

that opens up these spaces in between.


In between love and oneself,

In between you and me,

In between one and their suffering,

In between denial and acceptance,

In between past and future.

Never neglect 

that overlooked transition

for what you put there could

make a link

or break a path. 


Keep it pure, keep it real

open up the doors

let go of the chattering

remove the obstacles

flow freely

so there’s finally nothing in between.

There-truth lies as well as the answers to everything.


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