MIA=missing n action

Something I’ve been practicing diligently, if I would shamefully proclaim. Why? Cos I happen to both be lazy and busy, if those two ever happen to coexist, it’ll be with me. To better illustrate this, I will confess that I only check out facebook once in 2 weeks. Yes, I don’t have a social life and No, I am not suffering from depression. So bugger off now.

Thus, in an attempt to revive the blog and my life, I will blog again in an upside down manner, from most recent to future. Which brings me to this:

Distortion of scale:Valley or puddles of water?

Image taken at Maroubra, with Cheng Hiang’s super-uber cool macro lense.

And, no, I will not get one cos I’m too poor and too lazy to carry it around.

Which brings me to say that, I have not been taking photos myself, the baby(my trusty Canon D500) is old and dusty. I’m poor cos I’m a student and I currently using my very expensive recent purchase as large as my bed. Does this mean I have to take another photo to illustrate this?

Oh well, I’ll divert it to pretty images taken off the coastal walk along Maroubra Beach and half-way attempt to Magic Point:

Sun rise; Image courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

The Girls; Image courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

The Colours of Spring; Image courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

The group radiating at sun rise, From left: Mandy, Khai Yi, Me, Lucky, Vickey, Ian, Mei Ling & Serene

Vickey & Me; Image courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

Faking the moves-I insist that I was forced to do this!;Image courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

“I beg you please, let me move in with you!”


And that was how it happened, in a short version of my story. Voila! May I introdue to you my new housemate-Khai Yi:

One Happy Family, oh wait, where’s Rosie?

Images courtesy of Cheng Hiang Lim

P/S:It’s amazingly fast to upload photos and actually update my blog now! I love my new.. oh wait, that deserves another post eh?


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  1. Cheng Hiang LEE!!!! :p

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