Complicated Simplicity

In life, whether you like it or not trouble comes.

It’s not a world where we live alone with our own thoughts and feelings. Is life easier that way? Maybe.

I am reminded once again that you can try all your might to avoid hurting other people, it was good intention, but the outcome might not be so with others.

Also, remember to love yourself, above everything else. Not in a self absorbing way, but in a simple smile that you can retain all in your heart-one that does not blame or beat oneself up when the world goes wrong. Or when trouble comes knocking on your door. No WHY MEs. 

A person is in a situation because of many factors. In Buddhism it’s call Karma, an act of cause and conditions. What best illustrates this: is to ask yourself look back at your past, your likes and dislikes, your action and your speech and others who are involved in the situation too, and suddenly all will come clear. It’s simple numbers(actions/thoughts/speech), but add in a few formulas(different people) and trying to fit the whole thing into a logical sequence that satisfies the equation(situation at hand), not so easy anymore.

Human love complicating things, I love complicating things. And yet we strive for simplicity, I salivate over simple designs as they are the best solutions in life, not to mention sexy!(think:minimalist or macs!) However, a patch job-with design, your holed shirt or life issues would never ever work. But that’s what we do: cover ups. Easier than solving the root of the problem. but too much patch jobs complicates designs and hides the beauty of simplicity.

“making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”-Charles Mingus 

The process of getting is in fact, complicated. So in order to simplify, we tend to over-complicate. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but on the way of working this one out.


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